Europacup Verona, ITA

Great PAMO success at the first European Cup Weekend in Verona, Italy! Four final places were scored in the two races, including two victories by Jules Kasper, a 3. place by Marco Muff and a 6. place by Louis Kasper. Seal and Shane Nünlist each reached the semi-finals and Tim Weiersmüller the quarter-finals.
The mood of our Italian friends was great as always and we look forward to more exciting European Cup races.


Results round 1:
Jules Kasper, 1. place
Marco Muff, 3. place
Seal Nünlist, semi-finals
Shane Nünlist, quarter-final
Louis Kasper, quarter-finale
Tim Weiersmüller, quarter-final

Results round 2:
Jules Kasper, 1. place
Louis Kasper, 6. place
Shane Nünlist, semi-finals
Marco Muff, semi-finals
Seal Nünlist, quarter-finals
Tim Weiersmüller, eight-finals

Fotos by Nüni

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